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Fresh, Clean, and Natural

Reinvent your life

Water Derived from a Natural Source

Water that make you love water

Our Story

Apex Life Beverages is all about life style. We promote healthiness, happiness and community.

Our natural spring water is sourced from the deep spring aquifer of the Rockies of Nkwelle Ezunaka, Nigeria, where nature has locked up a treasure house of minerals, for centuries. We do not treat our natural spring water with ozone, to preserve its balance and natural sodium free composition.

We are eco-conscious and work to preserve the planet and our environment while creating delightful products.

We care about the environment

For every product sold, we commit a percentage of our sale to clean up plastics from our environment and to make miracles happen in our communities.

We Care
A flavour for any lifestyle, discover yours.

Lifestyle for every age

Mr. Baba is an excellent source of vitamin C for kids! Each box contains an amazing tongue-tingling taste and you can choose from a variety of delicious flavours. Mr. Baba is a drink parents can feel good about!

Introducing Mr. Baba 4 kids!

refresh. reset. recharge.
Hydrate with apex life Sparkling water
0% calories, 0% sugar, 100% great taste
cranberry. mango. lemon.
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